Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Prayer requests from HPSland

These are prayer requests from the HPS community. Some of the requests shared on the listserv are not posted here because I'm not sure if the people involved wish for them to be shared in an open forum. So, if you don't see your request, it's only because I wasn't sure if it was okay to share off of the list.
Our List:
Please pray for Elsie as she works toward getting listed for a transplant. She's decided to go to Duke in North Carolina because they are a large transplant center and they've done an HPS transplant before. Also, they have one of the shortest waiting lists in the country right now. She's hit a little snag so things have been bumped back a month. Please pray that these problems resolve themselves and we get the show on the road. Please also pray for Elsie as she undergoes a heart catherization on Monday. They are going to admit her and give her platelets.

Please pray for Maria M. who is still waiting for the kidney and lung people to green light her listing for two organs, lung and kidney. We had hoped to hear something by today, but it seems as though one of the docs got sick and it slowed things down.

Please pray for Maria G and her family as they all battle this horrible thing called pulmonary fibrosis. Pray that God gives them peace and strength.

Please pray for Chris and his wife Claire who is in the hospital in a foreign country far from home. We hope that she and Chris and the kids have peace and that Claire is home soon!

Please pray for Cesily that things go smoothly with her new protocol and that she and her husband are well.

Please pray that Letty's NIH trip goes well and that she gets good news.

Please pray for all the researchers out there working to help us find better treatments, and someday, a cure. Pray that they are able to stay motivated and engaged and working on our behalf.

Please pray for the success of the HPS Christmas Concert that will be happening this coming weekend in Oyster Bay. It is one of our bigger fundraisers of the year and we VERY MUCH need it to go VERY WELL.

Please pray for a financial miracle that will allow the HPS Network to not just keep it's head above water, but have enough resources to get more attention in the research world.

Please pray for all those needs out there that we might know about, but can't share publicly yet.

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