Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Get creative, win recognition and maybe even help find the cure

This is a contest held by Staples for kids 12 to 24. They are looking for innovative programs started by kids to help the social good. Perhaps there's an HPS or CHS kid or sibling out there who might be able to come up with a project to both help generate awareness/raise money and perhaps that would be a project that could be entered into this contest. It would be a huge thing to have on your college scholarship resume.

Here's the info:


Organization Website:


Grant status:


Name of Award:

The Staples Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Award Focus:

General Social Entrepreneurship

Type of Award:


Public Recognition


Award Description:

If you’ve ever been told, “You’re inspirational!” or you are a young leader who’s creating positive change in the world, we’d love to hear your story. In fact, we’d love to give you a rare opportunity share your story with others. Eight young changemakers will be chosen as winners of our annual Staples Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition and invited to present at the first TEDxYSE event in Washington, D.C.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Looking for young people between ages 12-24 who have a social entrepreneurship project.

Website/link for the application:


Application Deadline:

Rolling Admissions

Winners announced:


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