Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday HPSland prayer requests

No one has e-mailed me with specific requests, so please forgive me if I've left off any concerns. I'm still digging out on the e-mail front.
Please pray for the HPS board of directors this weekend, and some of the guests we are having at the meeting. Pray that we will be wise and brilliant and that we will all travel safely.
Please pray for Hilda Cardona, who is on the HPS board. She just had back surgery. Pray that she heals well, and that she doesn't overdo it! She's not one to sit still for long.
Please pray for Nancy and Dave as Dave continues to heal from his surgery.
Please pray for Cesily, that all goes well with the new trial and that she and her husband have peace as they continue through this journey.
Please pray for Maria M, who as far as I know (I haven't had an update in a bit) is still in a bit of limbo with the transplant centers. Pray these issues are resolved quickly
Please pray for Maria G and Laura and the rest of their family that they have peace and comfort as Maria fights her PF.

Please keep praying for Carmen M. Yes, she's still in the hospital. I think she's going for a record. I haven't been able to talk to her this week because I've been traveling. Keep up the cards too. She truely is touched and uplifted every time she gets one, even from people she hasn't met yet. You can send the cards to the Network office and we'll get them to her.
Please pray for Karen and her family as they deal with her mother's stroke.
Please pray for my family. My cousin Shane had a heart attack two days ago. Things are not looking good. He's only 50 years old. He's in the ICU.
There are so many other needs that we can't share because of privacy issues, but please pray for all of those unspoken needs out there.

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