Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our friend Maria M

Recently some of the New Englanders (with Chris visiting from England) were able to visit our friend Maria M at her home with her family. They took her a blanket that Letty made for her as well as a spray bottle that's an inside HPS joke. When Maria met Chris at last year's conference, Maria commented on how good Chris smelled. I guess he had great after shave - he he he sort of morphed into a joke. So, the can is Chris in a Can - and maybe you too can have some bottled Chris as a fundraiser. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Maria M is regularly on our prayer list. She needs a lung and kidney transplant. Please say some extra prayers for her these next few days. She met with the kidney team this week and now they have to pow-wow with the lung team to hopefully finalize everything and get Maria on the list for both a lung and a kidney. 

We're all pulling for her!!!!!! Go Maria!!!!!

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