Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Prayer Requests from HPSland

Here is a list of concerns and celebrations for this week.

Cesily - that she is able to find a way to access the treatment she wants and that she has peace

Kathryn - is celebrating getting out of the hospital. Please pray that she continues to recover well.

Yary - is in the hospital in Puerto Rico. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Dave, Nancy's husband - celebrate that he is doing so well, and pray that he continues to heal well.

Chris - that his upcoming trip to NIH goes smoothly and is productive

Maria G - that she has peace as she battles her pulmonary fibrosis.

Maria M - that she makes headway with being listed for a lung and kidney transplant

Carmen M - that she continues to heal and is finally released from the hospital

Please pray for all the unspoken needs that can't be shared

Please pray that the OysterFest is successful this weekend. It's a big fundraiser for us, and last year it was rained out a day and we barely broke even. We really do need the boost!

Please pray that the New England team has a successful weekend as they have an HPS booth at a health fair.

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