Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday HPSland prayer requests

I'm sorry I'm posting these a bit late. I wanted to check on a few things first.
Please pray for Cesily and her husband as they cope with recent events and walk along this journey together. May Cesily get the treatment she needs.
Please keep praying for Carmen M. She's still in the hospital - yep, still. The cards and letters really do bring her spirits up. Keep up the cards and letters. They make a HUGE difference.
Please keep praying for Maria M. She is still working through the transplant process and it's getting complicated because she needs both a lung and a kidney. This week has brought confusing news, and that can be so frustrating! Please pray that the transplant centers all get on the same page and the process gets moved forward.
Please keep praying for Maria G. and her family that they all find some comfort and peace.

Today we learned of a death in the HPS family. Many of you have called today and asked me who it was. I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to share that yet, but it was not anyone on the listserv. Please do pray for this family as they cope with this loss.

Please say a prayer for our Karen T. The medication that has helped with her GI and pyoderma issues and that has made such a huge difference in her life has been taken off the drug formulary of her insurance. It's very expensive and Karen is appealing it to the insurance company etc. The whole process is stressful!

Please say a prayer for Shawn has he copes with feeling down. I think we've all been there!

Thank you for the prayers for my mom's surgery. She's doing very well. They took the staples out and she started bleeding all over again. She's got some nasty bruises and hasn't gone back to work yet for fear she'll scare her elementary school students!

Say some thanks for the Oysterfest. It went very well!

Please pray for the several HPS fundraisers that are underway that they might be successful and we are able to continue and expand our programs.

Please say some prayers for all of those unspoken needs we all know are there.
Thanks everyone!

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