Friday, October 29, 2010

Scholarship opportunity for students of Puerto Rican background

I'm passing along another opportunity. You'll have to check out the details for yourself though - grin! They are very interested in students from California, but don't seem to be limited to students in California.

The Puerto Rican Civic Club Scholarships

The Puerto Rican Civic Club provides financial assistance to students who demonstrate potential for academic and leadership success. The awards are based on several factors such as grade average, the applicant’s financial situation, student status, extracurricular activities, including sports and community service. Previous grants, scholarships, and/or financial aid may factor in the process of receiving our scholarship.

Our scholarship specifically targets students of Puerto Rican ancestry that reside in California in which we give those applicants priority. In the past, we have given scholarships to qualified students not of Puerto Rican ancestry and who do not reside in California.

While we do target Puerto Rican applicants, we will not refuse to accept a qualified applicant based on race or geography. Following directions and providing truthful and complete information will be held in the highest regard in the decision-making process. Awards range from $500-$1000 depending on the number of grants being given.

This scholarship is in memory of Daisy Pabón, for her work and dedication to the Puerto Rican community, and is sponsored by the San Jose Puerto Rican Civic Club. Daisy passed away tragically in a car accident in 2001. Her wishes were to donate her organs to save other lives in case she departed early from this world shows the kind of person Daisy was.

Daisy Pabón was the vice-president of PRCC in 1997. She was also a delegate to the Western Region Puerto Rican Council (WRPRC) and very instrumental in developing a comprehensive media package, which for the first time announced Día de San Juan in the Metro, and in the front cover of The Potpourri.

She also obtained major radio stations to sponsor the event. Daisy enjoyed working for the Puerto Rican community. She gave her best to the Día de San Juan festival, our Club, and the WRPRC. It is for all these reasons that we commemorate her devotion to the Puerto Rican community by presenting the Daisy Pabón Scholarship at the Western Region Puerto Rican Council Awards Banquet and Dance yearly.

El Amor: “Cuando mi voz calle con la muerte, mi corazón seguirá hablándote.”

Translation: "When my voice is silenced by death, my heart will continue talking to you."

As I was in life… I wish to be remembered as an energetic, high-spirited daughter, mother and grandmother to all my friends and loving family. Survived by: her daughter Monique, and grandson Acyus.


Puerto Rican Civic Club

PO BOX 765, San José, CA 95106


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