Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilt exhibit for blind/visually impaired

I thought this was a neat story. It's about a quilt exhibit that included tactile quilts for blind/visually impaired visitors. I love the idea, as I love all arts programs that include blind/visually impaired people. Here's an even cooler idea - perhaps if there are any quilters out there (I'm not a quilter) you can do something with it. It's very cool to include blind people in the audience, but it would also be cool to have a display of quilts made  by blind or visually impaired people. It's a craft that several blind or visually impaired friends of mine enjoy, but that our sighted peers might not think we can do. Just an idea!

Here's the story:

Quilt show has display for visually impaired

By MICHAEL MORAIN • • October 5, 2010

But in one corner of the show, a dozen different quilts are part of a special "Touch Quilt Tour" designed for visitors with visual impairments. They can feel the stitching, the smooth cotton, the plush velvet and ridges of corduroy.

"It's always fun to try to tie in a different group who might not be able to experience a show or convention in the same way," said Iowa Events Center marketing coordinator Carlie Hajduch, who came up with the idea and figured she could send an invitation to the Iowa Department for the Blind, just down the street.

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