Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Prayer requests from the HPS and CHS community

Several people on the HPS Adults listserv have requested that we put all the prayer request needs in one place a week so that those of any faith tradition who wish to pray for their HPS brothers and sisters (or any other supporters) can easily do so.

To kick this off, here is this week's list:

Kathryn, who has been having a lot of issues and has been back in the hospital - hopefully to be sprung very soon.

Carmen M - is still in the hospital but says she's doing better. She got some of the oldies CDs and cards and it really did cheer her up.

Cesily - as she continues to battle cancer and heart problems.

Maria G - ongoing prayers of comfort for Maria G.

Maria M - is waiting on some important news from her transplant center etc.

Prayers for all those unknown needs that can't be shared for privacy reasons.

Prayers for the financial health of the HPS Network. We have operated on miracles, and we need another one soon.

Prayers for better treatments, and someday, the cure.

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