Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HPS Network Puerto Rico visits Bella Vista Hospital

HPS Outreach team in the parking lot of Bella Vista hospital getting ready to go inside. Hilda, Donna, Yeidyly, Ashley, Mervin, Yeidyly's mom and I'm behind the camera - he he he - goodie for me!

Hilda's got the outreach bug. She can't wait for the lecture. She's outreaching from the minute we hit the door.

Projectors are always so much fun to set up - they have personalities of their own!

Donna gives a talk about HPS to interested staff.

Bella Vista Hospital

Representatives of the HPS Network Puerto Rico visited Bella Vista Hospital in Mayag├╝ez during the traditional outreach week before the HPS Puerto Rico Conference.

Donna Appell, President of the HPS Network, gave a presentation to a group of nurses, physicians and medical students about Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome. The presentation was so well received that she was asked to repeat it later in the morning for another audience of interested medical professionals.

The visit to Bella Vista Hospital was arranged by HPS Network board member Hilda Cardona. Bella Vista Hospital is the hospital where Hilda first trained to be a nurse.

Also included in the HPS outreach team that day were, Yeidyly Vergne Martinez, Ashley Appell, Mervin Hernandez and Heather Kirkwood.

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