Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Android apps to help with mobility/orientation for blind and visually impaired

This is another article I found that I thought readers would be interested in learning more about. I can't attest to how well these new apps work as I haven't tried them myself. Honestly, my phone was a HUGE mistake. It isn't very accessable to me and I get frustrated trying to figure out these things. It doesn't help that I'm not techie.

I will say personally, I'd love a featture that would identify what nearby businesses are - especially when in new territory. For example, when I first moved to this area, I quickly learned the streets. I could learn them even driving around in the car. But, I can't see well enough to read most of the business signs. It took forever to figure out what's right under my nose.

Here's the article:

The visually-impaired get two new sets of Android Eyes

October 12th, 2010 3:50 pm ET.Do you like this story?

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Google has released two new Android applications designed to help the blind and visually impaired with walking directions, pairing Google Maps with GPS navigation technology. The applications are WalkyTalky (from Google's Eyes-Free Project) and Intersection Explorer.

Here's how Google describes them:


WalkyTalky is an Android application that speaks the address of nearby locations as you pass them. It also provides more direct access to the walking directions component of Google Maps. With WalkyTalky installed, you can:

See link below to learn more.....

Intersection Explorer

Using this application, users can explore any neighborhood on Google Maps via touch.

See link below to learn more details...

Both apps are free, and are in the Android Market now. Read the article at:


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