Sunday, August 01, 2010

Science camp for blind/VI kids

I posted the video below for a few reasons. First, this is such a cool program. I've posted about it several times before, and when the application process is open, I post it to our Yahoo groups etc.

As many of you know, we were trying to enter a grant into this same contest. I was pretty frustrated last night. I spent about 15 hours on our application. The last day every time I tried to get in to add our video - the last bit - the site either wouldn't let me in, or gave an error message. When it came time to enter your grant, I FINALLY got in four minutes after the stroke of midnight and kept getting error messages when I'd try to submit. It's like trying to call radio station to win a big prize, you just can't get through. All 1,000 spots were filled in under 17 minutes.

At least when you call the radio station you know what's happening - you know if you get a busy signal or a try again. This didn't really tell you anything, which just made me really frustrated. Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful for the chance to compete for some money - but my time is valuable and the least I can get for the effort is some sort of a response.

That being said, the NFB was able to get theirs in and it's to fund the Youth Slam - a science camp for blind/VI kids.

So many of the entries are sort of half baked - but this one I know is solid. I know the program is a good one and I know they have the infastructure to pull it off.

I'd really urge friends to give them a vote at the url below - you can vote for up to 10 charities a day.

Here's the link:

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