Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Durable medical supplies and Medicare changes

Below is a link to a very good article that appeared in the COPD Foundation's e-newsletter. It's about some upcoming changes to Medicare rules regarding durable medical supplies - things like oxygen, CPAPs, TPN feeding etc. To be perfectly honest, I'm not as up to speed on this issue as I should be, but I'll be doing some research. It looks like the changes will first be rolled out in a pilot plan. I see that many in the COPD community are hopping mad about this - and they may have good reason. I really just have to do some homework. It isn't an issue I've personally faced yet as I am not yet on oxygen - knock on wood. But, in the meantime, for HPS'ers who might be affected by these changes, better to know ahead of time and get prepared. So, thought I'd share the article....

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