Saturday, June 05, 2010

Karen T. to be featured on an upcoming episode of Mystery Diagnosis

The happy ending - the film crew films the loving family cooking hot dogs.

Filming at Dr. Lomax's office.

Karen at the TV studio being interviewed.

Karen with the make-up artists getting ready for the interview.

For those who don’t know, Karen has been talking to the producers at the show Mystery Diagnosis for months now. You wouldn’t believe the process that goes into creating these shows. Karen has endured multiple phone interviews lasting hours upon hours. She’s had to track down old medical records and play liaison between the show and her doctors.

Finally, she had to endure three solid days of filming right after being gone at ATS.
The first day was spent at a local television studio. I was allowed to sit in on Karen’s interview, but not the others. Karen did a wonderful job and was very open and frank with the reporter. The interview took FIVE solid hours under television lights. They then spent several hours, filming late into the night, interviewing Karen’s dad, husband and the doctor that helped her get tested, Dr. Lomax.
Dr. Lomax is a saint. You all know how careful we are with a doctor’s time. Poor Dr. Lomax had to wait two hours, after working a full day, before they even started filming her.

The next day Karen and I were able to stay home most of the day. We were both so tired. Meanwhile, many of Karen’s friends and family were giving up their entire day to sit around the hospital and be available to be extras in various reenactments of Karen’s medical life. Later that night we filmed at Dr. Lomax’s office. Once again she was pleasant and cooperative with the film crew even though she’d already put in a long day. We were filming until 10:30 pm at her office.

The final day they filmed at Karen’s house. Imagine a film crew having free run of your house. They moved everything around. They had to hide anything that had a brand name on it. I don’t know how Karen will ever find her stuff again! They had two hired actresses to play Karen at different points in her life.

Karen threw a barbeque for everyone who helped out, but she hardly was able to attend the event herself because they didn’t finish filming until 11:00 pm that night.

We really do owe a big kudos and thank you to the Tillmans for putting up with all of this. There wasn’t a single aspect of Karen’s life that didn’t get turned over by the reporters. They even asked her about her sex life and wanted to see her ostomy. She really did go above and beyond to help make it possible for this story to air.

I’m very excited about it as not only will it be great exposure for the Hundred People Search, but things on cable run over and over again.

The producers didn’t know exactly when this would air, but they estimate the last week in September. We will keep you updated so you can keep a look out for it.

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