Sunday, May 09, 2010

Meet Nicole, one of our up-and-coming HPS teens

I didn't get to chat with Nicole at conference. It's one of the down sides to running a conference. Often you're too busy making sure things are in order for the next event to chat with people as you'd like. I did, however, get to chat with Nicole online this week. I was so glad she messaged me and that I was in a place where I could answer her. Nicole is 17 and from Puerto Rico. She'll be a senior this coming year and wants to go to medical school. Go Nicole!!!!

Nicole's photo (I don't think she'll mind me saying) is an educational opportunity for those who don't understand the varying pigment presentations of those with HPS. Some HPS'ers are as blonde as Ryan and I, while others look like Nicole here. Doctors really need to understand that, and I'm sure one day Nicole will be able to help us out witih that message in person.

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