Saturday, May 08, 2010

Low vision moment - defeating the Spider

My latest low vision moment.....

Last night, naked as the day I was born, I went to get into the shower. There was this big black thing in the bottom of the shower near the drain. This time of year I have a lot of spiders in my apartment, and they give me the willies.

I often find them in the shower for some reason.

This big black thing was bigger than most of my eight-legged friends, but based on past experience, I assumed he was just the grand daddy of the clan.

There was no way I was going to share my shower with him, and he was so big I was afraid to try to squash him with a paper towel.

I went in search of bug spray under the sink, but I'm out. I thought maybe cleaning chemicals would be enough to subdue the beast so that I could kill him without him getting away from me. There's no way I'd sleep thinking he was on the loose in the apartment.

So, I leaned into the shower armed with everything from Clorox to Windex. I squirted him with all barrels. He didn't move.

I went to get the paper towel to scoop up his dead carcus and what did I discover? I'd just successfully killed the cap to the shampoo!

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abaldauf said...

you just gave me the biggest chuckle! I so thought it was a huge spider (which I am afraid of too) and was thinking how brave you were all alone!! I have killed many spiders with chemicals but never a shampoo cap :) hee hee! Thanks for the chuckle!