Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Health Update

Notice: this entry will contain frank information. Read at your own risk.

Last night, today and tonight have been particularly bad health days. I'm doing a horrible job of tracking my fatigue for Kevin, but to be honest, I've been too busy dealing with GI stuff - no wonder I'm tired. My sleep patterns are completely out of whack. If you lived in my shoes, yours would be too.

Last night about 2:00 am I started having extreme abdominal pain. These cramps were like cramps I haven't had for years. I honestly was debating about going to the ER because they were so severe. I was also having horrible runs, as though someone had just turned on a faucet. But, the output didn't look bloody at all - instead it's more of a yellow color - very odd.

This morning I started my time of the month. Since getting the IUD, this is very unpredictable as it only happens every few months and never on a schedule. It's been a welcome change for me! I was relieved to at least know the reason for the cramping. In the morning it seemed to get better, but as the afternoon came on the horrible cramps returned. I got very little done today.

This evening I've given in to tucking into my stash of big dog pain killers. Tylenol makes absolutely no difference.

I'm particularly concerned because I'm supposed to travel soon. I have tons to do which I'm having a hard time donig, and well, this just needs to stop!

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