Saturday, May 15, 2010

Building the exhibit hall

When you attend a large trade show like this, it's always amazing to see how quickly they build the exhibit hall. Today Ashley, Karen and I put together the HPS booth while Donna attended a meeting. I took a few photos of the hall pre-show from our booth. Wait until you see them from the actual show!
Building the booth was hard work, mostly because typically trade show organizers don't pay to cool the large hall while the workers are building it. They save the cost of cooling for the attendees. The thing is here in New Orleans it was 87 degrees today and extremely humid, and that was outside. The air wasn't moving and the sweat was just dripping off of me. I felt like I needed another shower before I even got to the first meeting. Karen and I both had to sit down a time or two because we were getting light headed - but we got the job done and got out of the hall without being run over by a fork-lift or a crane. It was a small victory.

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