Monday, April 19, 2010

Webinar on the Ticket to Work program through Social Security

I'm posting this in case it could be helpful to any of the readers. Readers who are legally blind should be very aware, however, that some of the social security rules are different for legal blindness than for other disabilities - especially the rules for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). SSDI usually isn't an issue for the 18 to 21 group as they seldom have enough work credits to qualify anyway.

Personally, I think this is one of those good government programs that could be great with a few changes. It's one of those occassions where I find the world of disability and the world of chronic illness don't combine well. Some people are disabled, and some people have chronic health issues - and some people have both. The trouble is so often the system doesn't realize the different need set or challenges this involves. Incentives and work opportunities for those of us with both are just a whole other animal. But, that's a blog for another time.

PEATC Webinar Series Includes Session on SSA Work Incentives, Including the Ticket to Work

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC), in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University - Rehabilitation Research Training Center, is offering a series of 6 webinars designed for students with disabilities, their parents, and the professionals who work with them.

The series, “Building Effective Partnerships & Accessing Resources,” includes a webinar on “The New Ticket to Work Program – What’s in It for Young People (May 3, 2010). The presenter, Sallie Rhodes, Ticket to Work Program Specialist at CESSI (SSA’s Program Manager for Recruitment and Outreach for the Ticket program), provides a brief introduction to a number of Social Security Work Incentive programs, including the Ticket to Work. The Ticket is described as a “tool” that can be used to support young people on Social Security disability benefits as they seek to enter the workforce and maintain and advance in employment. Learn how young Social Security beneficiaries can access the array of Social Security Work Incentive programs and how they can take advantage of the services and supports offered by Employment Networks (ENs) under the Ticket program.

This webinar is free and begins at 2:00pm EST. To register visit:

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Continuing Rehabilitation Credits (CRCs)are available. For more information e-mail:

You can contact the PEATC staff at: (703) 923 0010 (voice); (800) 869 6782 (toll free), and (800) 693 3514 (fax).

Ticket to Work is a voluntary employment program for people with disabilities administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The Ticket program offers disability beneficiaries age 18 through 64 expanded opportunities to obtain the services and supports that they need to work and to achieve their employment goals. SSA does this by paying approved providers of services, referred to as “Employment Networks” or “ENs”, for assisting beneficiaries to reach designated Milestones and Outcomes associated with achieving self-supporting employment. An EN can be any agency or organization that provides or is equipped to provide employment- related services and supports to individuals who have disabilities. For more information regarding the Ticket to Work program, please visit or CESSI’s Frequently Asked Questions web page:

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