Thursday, April 29, 2010

More of our HPS family!

This is Rosa - I was so pleased to see her come to conference this year. I had heard she wasn't coming, but she made it. I was so glad of it.

These are Carmen's boys. They've pretty much grown up in the HPS Network. Neither one has HPS, of course, but they've volunteered at conference and been a part of the family pretty much for most of their lives. Christian, the older one, is currently making his decision about where to go to college. Remember doing that? I remember feeling like it was the biggest decision of my life, but actually, it turned out to be important, but not as huge a deal as I had thought. I ended up transfering schools after a year and a half.

This is Renee in the green. You may very well talk to her when you call the HPS Network as she works in our office. Here she's with Gina. Gina did a lunch training at the conference I intend to blog a lot about when I get finished with the two grants I'm working on right now.

This is Paul from Ireland - we were so pleased to see him again!!!!!

And this is Chris from England, our newest HPS Adults listserv moderator.

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