Monday, April 19, 2010

Lesson Learned – when the bank is closed unexpectedly, walk away

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had time to post much about my own life lately. Some of you have missed a little commentary on the blog. I do have a lot to say.

This little lessoned learned story happened a few weeks ago. It was definitely a low-vision moment!

After traveling for a month, I very, very much needed to deposit some money in my bank account so that my bills wouldn’t bounce. It was getting to be an urgent problem. I walked to my bank, about a mile, and found it closed at 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

I was irritated.

The ATM wasn’t working and no one inside was responding to me standing at the entryway pointing to the hours of operation.

I HAD to make the deposit. Very put out, I walked a little under two miles to another branch to do my business. I asked to speak to a manager as my first thought was that perhaps the bank was failing and the FDIC was inside. He informed me that my bank had been robbed and that was why it was closed!!!!

The robbery happened about the time I was there. No wonder no one would respond to me! I found out later that I arrived after the robbery, but that the bank was locked down and the employees understandably getting ready to go home early.

Had I been there 20 minutes earlier, I would have been in the bank at the time.

I felt terrible for feeling so put out an annoyed. Lesson learned – when the bank is closed unexpectedly, just take the hint.

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