Friday, April 30, 2010

Keeping our HPS family in your prayers

Just a quick post as some folks are saying they aren’t able to keep up with all the mail on the listserv and they want to know how things are going with some of our family. I don’t normally post this stuff because I don’t want to invade someone’s privacy so I’ll only share what I know has been shared outside the listserv, and therefore, is in the public domain.

Janet, last I heard, is still in the hospital but it sounds like she’s on the verge of getting out. I think when you’ve had a transplant and you have to take those immune suppression drugs, it’s just par for the course that sometimes you’re going to get nailed by a bug. Her husband says she’s doing okay though. Continue to keep them both in your prayers.

Carmen M. seems to be doing better by the reports of those that have seen her. She is such a trooper as I think she’s been in the hospital most of the time since February. There was a photo of her on facebook with some HPS friends and she was flipping the camera the bird. Normally I’d groan,, but if you know Carmen and you know what she’s been through, I consider this a very good sign that she’s in good spirits and doing well. We’ve always known her to be feisty and show a little attitude. Many of you had asked how to send her cards, and I was never able to get the address at the hospital. It’s also kind of iffy to send cards via mail through a hospital. They have a tendency to get lost. Letty posted to the listserv that she would go and visit and take cards if anyone wants to send them to her. I don’t want to post her address on this public forum, so if you need it contact her through the listserv or Facebook – or if you don’t have access contact me.

I had intended to get an update on Julie today, but alas, I was dealing with my own health complications. When I talked to her last she was doing well and making progress. She had hoped to get out tomorrow, but was beginning to think maybe that wasn’t going to happen and she’d be stuck in the joint another week. I didn’t get the update today. Thankfully, her health is improving. She’s mainly fighting being bored and of course, the effects of steroids. Many of us can relate to that! They make you want to climb the walls and eat the wall paper.

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