Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In memory of Rene

This past weekend the HPS community lost a longtime friend, Rene. Rene lived in Puerto Rico and was known to his friends there for being a good husband and friend to his fellow HPS’ers. They are all remembering his wonderful sense of humor and his kindness.

Letty, an HPS’er in New York, says she remembers most about him that even though he knew the odds of his being able to one day get a lung transplant and beat the pulmonary fibrosis of HPS were slim, he always cheered her up and made her laugh. She remembers he was always positive and always kept up the fight against HPS to the very end.

Donna Appell says she’s grateful that the last time she saw him at the NIH she was able to give him a big hug. She says he was a kind man who was always supportive of the HPS Network and his HPS friends.

I met Rene only once at the NIH. We had a considerable language barrier, but we were able to talk for a while as Hilda translated for us. He was a very nice man and we took a bunch of photos together. I can’t put my fingers on them now.

I wanted to post this news because it’s important to remember our fellow HPS’ers. I’ll always be grateful to people like Rene who were able and also willing to participate in the research to leave behind a chance at a better life for all of us.

Rest in peace Rene. You will always be much loved and much missed.

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