Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Hundred People Search kicks off for 2010

Once again the HPS Network is issuing the Hundred People Search Challenge to its members and supporters. The Hundred People Search or H.P.S. Challenge is meant to empower members of the HPS Network to begin to educate their communities about the syndrome, thereby creating greater awareness. While we would never want anyone to test positive for HPS, we know that it is far more dangerous to have HPS and not know it.

It’s our goal to find 100 new HPS’ers during the course of a year. Last year the Network helped 74 people with HPS get a diagnosis.

Members of the HPS Network help with outreach in big ways and small ways – but all vital to the effort. While some help by attending medical conferences and manning a booth, others help out by speaking to their vision teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors or physicians about the syndrome.

To help them, the HPS Network has created “Presentation in a Bag.” The presentation bag contains a ready-made Powerpoint, note cards in large print that correspond to each slide, HPS brochures and public speaking tips.

HPS Network Conference attendees had the opportunity to attend a training session on “Presentation in a Bag” and then play trivia to review the information they’d need to know.

The HPS Network plans to hold Webinar training sessions later in the year for those who want to help, but can’t attend conference. If you’re interested in being trained, contact HPS Network Vice President Heather Kirkwood at:

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