Friday, April 30, 2010

Health update

Kevin had asked me to keep a diary before my NIH trip in June, and so far I’m doing a really lousy job!

Last week I had more than the usual amount of upset tummy issues. As often happens after a few days of the runs, I’m now better in that department, but have developed a kind of skin ulcer-like thing the size of a quarter under the stoma. This seems to be the pattern. I think despite all the ostomy products we use to try to keep the skin protected, when things are bad, it’s just hard to prevent.

Now this sore is bleeding. It doesn’t bleed tons, and when I have it uncovered, it does stop – but it’s kind of oozy.

I have spent the past two nights up because I had to keep changing things. That means, of course, my sleep patterns are all out of whack again. You can’t really blame it on fatigue, however, when you haven’t slept.

Tonight things are better, but I’m awake again. I’ll have to start working on getting the schedule right again, but tonight I think I’ll just work until I can’t anymore. I’ll rest easier if I feel a little more caught up with things.

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