Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Friends rise to the occasion to walk for HPS

While Karen Tillman and her family were attending the HPS New York Family Conference, three of her friends were back home rescuing The Human Race HPS fundraiser.

This year The Human Race, a walk/run organized by the Greensboro Volunteer Center to help local charities raise money, was scheduled the very same weekend as the New York Conference. Karen was dismayed at the idea of either not being able to attend the conference, or losing a Network fundraising opportunity that has raised thousands of dollars over the years.

Her friends Bill Miller, Bill Murray, and Allison Barman stepped up to save the fundraiser. They not only helped raise money and awareness, but they turned up on race day to represent the Network and carry the HPS Network sign. This year the HPS Network raised approximately $1,855.00. Once again Holly Tillman was a leading fundraiser, raising $1,785.00. Holly tied for 5th place out of approximately 2,000 people who participated this year.

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