Friday, April 30, 2010

Do you want to tell the story of your lung transplant?

This message was posted on the Facebook discussion group for Year of the Lung some time ago but I only just today found it while looking for something else. I thought I'd pass it along to our lung transplant crew. Grin! Just in case you might be interested.....

Joanne Schum 2nd Edition: "Taking Flight: Inspirational Stories of Lung Transplantation" Looking for Stories"Taking Flight: Inspirational Stories of Lung Transplantation"The new year has begun, and I am now ready to do the 2nd Edition of Taking Flight!!!!If you, or you know anyone, anywhere in the World, any lung illness, is a recipient, carer, family or friend of someone who received a lung, lungs, heart/lung transplant - this is an opportunity to get your story published.Many details are still being accomplished, but this is the first message to let you know the opportunity.Just a bit about the book.It will contain stories that the contributors write themselves, a family member, whomever they would like to write it, and if they are not comfortable with writing their story, I can do it. That will be done by email, or possible phone calls.This is a rare opportunity to get your story published for free!! I love free things myself.I will be forwarding information to those interested about simple ideas how to approach your story writing. I will offer ideas, and hints what you might want to talk about. Also information on what is Copyright, and what are the laws. Basically, you as the writer have the copyright to your story. I have the copyright to the entire book in whole. I can only sell the book in whole, or ask your permission to use a story for other purposes. The same goes with everyone in the book, they own only their story.The cover design will be like the first edition. I will ask the contributors of stories to send in their pictures, drawings, photos, or cover design for a great new book cover. The name of the book will remain the same, the only addition is "2nd Edition". Again, I will only accept designs from contributors... it is the most fair way to do this. Also, it will be up to me, as to which design will be used. Once I recoup the expenses with the publisher ( , then the profits will be given to organizations, mainly in the lung area, or donor area. The contributors are the only ones who can make suggestions, and I will do research on them, and then the profits will be given out to them.So many steps in this process, and so excited about being able to do this again.I also have a new Facebook Site: check it out, and join:Lung Transplantation: Taking Flight with New Life if you, or anyone you know is interested, please pass this email along, and have them contact me at:luckylungsforjo@aol.comI will be in touch and the process begun.Looking for another successful Taking Flight!Joanne"Don't Take Your Organs to Heaven, Heaven Knows We Need Them Here"Joanne SchumBi-lateral Lung Transplant, Sept 12, 1997,due to CFUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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