Sunday, March 14, 2010

More memories of Osterholz

These are a few more photos from my friend's recent trip back to Osterholz. These are photos from the town square. Very little has changed. This tower was always there, and I never knew what it was. There was a kind of canal that went through the central part of town to a nearby park. At the park there was a big hill and at the top of the hill was the Osterholz windmill.
I'm not sure what the story is about the cow on the ladder out the window. Several years ago there was a kind of public art project all over Europe of these painted cows. Perhaps it's left from that?
This building is directly across from the church. When we lived there, it had large signs outside saying off limits to American troops by order of the command. I always wondered what sort of naughty things were going on that made the place off limits to soldiers. The building next to it, sort of in the background of the photo, was one of our favorite restaurants. They had Italian-style thin crust pizzas and the best gyros sandwiches I've ever eaten to this day. On the side of the building was a to go window and there used to be tables and chairs outside where you could eat (of course it's winter so they're probably inside now.)

This is along the walking shopping street near the center of town. I might be off, but I think the second building is where the spagetti ice ice cream store was. The ice cream parlor served what they called spagetti ice. It was vanilla ice cream put through a press so it looked like a pile of noodles. They then put strawberry sauce over it and shaved white chocolate to look like parmasan cheese. It was a big treat to go and get spagetti ice!

These are photos of the shopping mall in the very center of town - a very small shopping mall. It was fairly new when we lived there. Our hair dresser was in the mall.

The shopping street.

The downtown tower.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the spagetti ice very vividly... I thought the place was called Siruties (bad spelling) and there was a small playground area in the middle of the street leading to the fountain. thanks for the memories.