Monday, March 29, 2010

Message from Karen T - help with thank you notes

Are you looking for a way to help the HPS Network? Karen Tillman held her annual Human Race fundraiser this year, only she couldn't be there in person becasue it fell on the same weekend as conference.

Her friends really stepped up to keep the event alive even without Karen there. Let's help her out by letting them know what a difference they're making for us!

Here's the message from Karen:

This year, I was unable to attend the Human Race as it landed on the same weekend as conference. Three of our volunteers from Moses Cone Hospital walked in our place and carried our HPS sign as well as educated people about HPS. They were Bill Murray, Allison Barman (she was in a coma, and had to relearn everything) and Bill Miller.

I would like to send them a card with thank you notes and what it means to you for them to represent us. Please email your thank you notes to
ktillman1@triad. Keep in mind these guys got up really early on a Saturday morning, and stayed until early afternoon. This they did b/c they want us all to be well and find a cure.

Also we fell just shy of our $2,000 goal this year. Holly place 5th as a top fundraiser, and we raised $1,705!! I am hoping maybe a few more donations come in as I've had two reach me since raceday!!

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