Friday, March 12, 2010

HPS Network visits hematology lab at Beth Israel Hospital

These photos were taken by our favorite roving photographer, Frankie the Cat! Grin! The guy in the white coat was interested in how HPS may affect kidneys. The tall guy introduced himself as "the mouse man." He works with HPS mice.
Here we are discussing possible future research questions for HPS after our presentation.

Heather Kirkwood and Carmen Camacho visited the hematology lab of Dr. Robert Flaumenhaft at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston on Feb. 25th. They met with several researchers and students in the lab that currently study HPS mice. Some had never met a human with HPS before.

Dr. Flaumenhaft gave the HPS group a tour of his new laboratory before the HPS Network served lunch to the lab’s researchers and students.

After lunch Heather Kirkwood gave a brief presentation about HPS and the HPS Network, showing the researchers a variety of photos of the people their research will help one day. Carmen Camacho, who has known Dr. Flaumenhaft for some time, shared her HPS story with the other assembled researchers. Frankie Feliciano, Carmen’s husband, served as the duo’s driver, navigator, photographer, and all around problem solver for their outreach trip in Boston. After the presentation, the researchers engaged in a lively discussion about HPS and what issues they might be able to investigate further in the future.

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