Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on Tanzania

Below is a message I recieved from Under the Same Sun, the organization working on the situation in Tanzania. I'm sure many of you also got this message, but I thought just in case you didn't get it, you might like to see it. I know many readers are following this closely.

As a signatory to Under The Same Sun's petition to stop the murders of people with albinism in Tanzania, we will continue to update you as new developments occur. At this time, Peter Ash and the Under The Same Sun team are again in Tanzania working to protect that country's people with albinism.
For your information, Peter's work to stop the murders is featured in two upcoming television programs:
1) Wednesday, September 16/09: ABC's "Primetime" TV news journal examines albinism and the murders of people with albinism in Tanzania.
2) Monday, September 14/09: Peter appears on the "It's a New Day" hour-long program and discusses his mission to stop the murders of children and adults with albinism in Tanzania.
And for the latest information or news about Under The Same Sun, please go to:
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