Wednesday, September 09, 2009

How about a little not-so-light reading

Below is a blip from the Genetic Alliance newsletter. Now you can't use vision as an excuse to not know what's actually in the bill - ha ha ha ha - well, haven't had a chance to "test" this myself. Can you imagine, what an acting gig!

Listen to the Health Reform Bill at
Last week, a group of voice actors announced the release of a new website intended to facilitate the public’s involvement in healthcare reform by allowing interested individuals to listen to the bill - all 1,018 pages - as an audio book available for download at As stated in the press release: “The HR 3200 bill is fully downloadable and indexed like an audio book, allowing users to choose which parts they want to hear at their own convenience. It also provides the sight-impaired with an option they otherwise would not have. Others can read along with the audio, and should keep checking back, as the site will be updated whenever the bill is amended to ensure that it remains current.” Over 80 voice actors volunteered to donate their time to create the free online tool.

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