Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I keep having these days where I feel so great, and then the next day or two I’m completely exhausted. It’s like I’m a little energizer bunny and I get wound up, I go and go, until I run out of batteries and splat – I’m down for a day.

Today I spent a few hours on HPS stuff, but not as many as I should have given all the things I’m behind on. Well, technically, I spent the better part of the day of HPS stuff, but I don’t count the crafts completely. I’d probably be doing them whether we were planning craft sales or not.

It was a beautiful day. I had all the doors and windows open. The fresh air didn’t affect my allergies or breathing at all, but the breeze felt good.

I’ve never been good at balancing my time. When I was a kid we always had this rule that you couldn’t have “fun’ until all the work was done. It’s a curse I’ve carried into adulthood. I can’t let go and enjoy myself until “everything is done” – the trouble is nothing is ever done. I’d probably be more efficient, and wouldn’t run out of batteries so fast, if I could cut loose now and then.

The crafts I did today were simple and mindless – not much artistic talent involved – but it was therapeutic.

If I’m honest with myself, one reason I can’t “stop to have fun” or even stop to take better care of personal business is that sometimes too much down time for my brain just isn’t a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Heather, I can relate to a great extent with having too much down time. Down time gets me into trouble or mischief or whatever. Keep up with the crafts. Are you in need of a dontation at Michaels for the crafts? I would like to contribute to the crafts, but not very crafty, so I can do money. Let me know. -Julie