Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bravo to Trader Joe's for trying to be more VI and blind friendly

This press release is admittedly a little dated, but I'm sort of catching up here. I'm running it just as an FYI - but I have to say, this has been an issue of concern for me for some time. It seems self-service kiosks etc. are increasingly becoming the norm in more and more places. They aren't always easy for me to use - and frankly, it's extremely annoying to have to run around looking for store assistance. Where I find them particularly annoying are airlines. The line turns into a giant blob and it's hard to even figure out where the line is to talk to a human and get some help.

Mitch Pomerantz
American Council of the Blind
(626) 372-5150

Adrianna Montague-Gray
American Foundation for the Blind
(212) 502-7675

Blind Community Leaders Applaud Trader Joe’s Commitment to Improve Point-of-Sale Equipment to Benefit Shoppers with Visual Impairments

SACRAMENTO, Calif., August 19, 2009 – American Council of the Blind (ACB), the California Council of the Blind (CCB) and the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) announced today that they have collaborated with Trader Joe’s to improve the checkout experience of guests with visual impairments and help ensure their privacy. The AFB, ACB, and CCB applaud Trader Joe’s efforts.

Trader Joe’s has added tactile keypads to point-of-sale devices at all their locations. The new improvements allow shoppers who have visual impairments or difficulty reading information on a touch screen to privately and independently enter their personal identification number (PIN), protecting their financial privacy.

“Trader Joe’s is a very popular store for the thousands of ACB and CCB members across the country,” said Jeff Thom, president of the CCB. "Today’s announcement is just one more example of the company’s dedication to customer service.”

Trader Joe’s operates more than 325 stores in 25 states plus the District of Columbia.

About the American Council of the Blind (ACB) and the California Council of the Blind (CCB)

The American Council of the Blind is a national consumer-based advocacy organization working on behalf of blind and visually impaired Americans throughout the country, with members organized through 70 state and special-interest affiliates. The California Council of the Blind is the California affiliate of the ACB, and is a statewide membership organization, with 40 local chapters and statewide special-interest associations. The ACB and CCB are dedicated to improving the quality of life, equality of opportunity and independence of all people who have visual impairments. Their members and affiliated organizations have a long history of commitment to the advancement of policies and programs which will enhance independence for people who are blind and visually impaired. More information about the ACB and CCB can be found by visiting www.acb.org and

About the American Foundation for the Blind
The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is a national non-profit that expands possibilities for people with vision loss. AFB's priorities include broadening access to technology; elevating the quality of information and tools for the professionals who serve people with vision loss; and promoting independent and healthy living for people with vision loss by providing them and their families with relevant and timely resources. AFB is also proud to house the Helen Keller Archives and honor the over 40 years that Helen Keller worked tirelessly with AFB. For more information, visit us online at www.afb.org.

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