Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Act of Outreach - bravo to the Tillmans!

As many of you know, Karen T's husband was having surgery this week. Karen, who has HPS, says she always makes sure she has HPS brochures in her pocket book.

When a student nurse and an instructor came to take care of her husband, Karen said she was in the process of barking at him about the need to get moving and get out of bed after surgery. "You should be a nurse," one of them joked. Karen replied that poor Tommy gets little sympathy from her - she's done this more than her fair share of times.

That lead to a bedside conversation about HPS - sorry Tommy - and before she knew it, Karen was giving an impromptu lecture on Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome to the student nurses on the floor. "I didn't even have my presentation in a bag," says Karen, "But I did have enough brochures for everyone in my purse, so I winged it."

Way to go Karen!

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