Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Need a little comic relief? I thought this film was pretty funny. Either that, or I just really, really needed to laugh. The story is about a manager at a call center. His company decides to outsource his entire section’s duties to India. They’re firing everyone but him. His job is to go to India and train his replacement.

He arrives in India totally not interested in India, it’s culture and certainly not happy about the job. Much of the humor is based on cultural misunderstandings.

I do wonder how the movie would go over in India as it sort of portrays India as being backward. From the people I’ve met that have gone there, this isn’t universally true.

But, if the main character wasn’t impressed with India in the beginning, he does have a change of heart and finally begins to take an interest in Indian culture and all it has to offer.

I give it four out of five spoons.

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