Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Health Update

Again, for the sake of record keeping, here's another update.

Once again I'm having trouble with the skin around my stoma. There's another sore there, or it's still the last one - I don't even know anymore. Yesterday afternoon I had five code browns - which pretty much ruined getting anything accomplished. It's so irritating! And, of course, the more time you change the ostomy, the worse the problem gets. Now the area around my stoma is just raw from pulling off appliances. It's sore - but thankfully not so sore I can't stand it or anything - just sore enough to let me know it's there.

The skin infection on my boobs is back too - and it has been better for months. I should go back to the dermatologist, but geesh, I really don't want to. I'm trying all the things they had me do last time - and I had an extra tube of the antibiotic they gave me last time. Last time one tube did it (but NIH gave me another when I was there - and I kept it.) It does look as though there is improvement, but it's yet another thing that bleeds and leaks through my clothes. My wardrobe really can't stand this!

I'm not supposed to "cover" the sores, but I have to. I can't stay at home for days on end and thus I've got to do something to keep them from oozing and bleeding on my clothing.

The good news is I feel pretty good - I just seem to "leak" everywhere I go. HA!

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