Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health update

I often whine about fatigue, and this has been one of those weeks where the fatigue has been getting the better of me. I have been productive, but only for five or six hours of the day. I've been going to bed early, and waking up late. I get up to take a shower, and fall asleep literally getting dressed. It's pitiful. I've been spending way more time at Homers only because as tired as I feel, I can't lay down at Homers and thus I can force myself to accomplish something.

My house is a pit!

I also have had the runs for a week and a half now. In my first hour at Homers I was in the ladies room three times. My acid reflux is acting up and my joints hurt, although thankfully it's more of annoying ache so I can cope with it okay. It isn't too bad.

I sang a duet this week at Pick'in on the Patio - and the whole time I was singing I was thinking, "Lord, please keep me from letting out a belch while I'm singing....."

I've had to really make sure that I keep hydrated. I wonder if that's part of the fatigue issue - it seems like once you get past feeling thirsty when you're dehydrated, you get lathargic and seem to have a sense of apathy about everything.

My mom asked me if I felt depressed. She said it sounded like depression to her. I don't know. Even though I'm poorer than a church mouse, I've been happier than I've been in a long time these past few months. I am feeling very discouraged about the drug trial, but I try not to entertain those thoughts for too long. It's more important to stay focused on the future. Maybe, however, I just need to have a good ranting tantrum and get it out of my system though.

Maybe it's a combination of things. Who knows.

Well, off to the ladies room again - ahhhhh....don't worry, not drinking coffee too much when my tummy is acting up. Herbal tea - wonder if they'd bring it to me in the ladies room? I think I'm taking up residence there.

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