Friday, August 14, 2009

Crafters - HPS Network needs YOU!

This morning I got an e-mail from Karen T. It's now official - we'll be doing two craft events this fall/holiday season - one at the HPS Network Christmas concert and one in North Carolina. There's even a possibility that we'll be able to do a third event.

But, to do this, we need things to sell! Anyone wishing to support the work of the HPS Network can participate and send in crafts for sale. Funds go to cover the operational expenses of the HPS Network. Some of these things include our participation in medical meetings to generate awareness and interest in HPS research, efforts to help families seek HPS testing, our conferences for patients, doctors and researchers. We really do a lot with a very small budget.

Our idea to start selling crafts came from the observation that in the HPS community many of us face profound economic challenges and can't donate money to the Network. Yet, many of us have a lot of talent. Thus, this is a way to use our talents to further the work of the Network.

If you have crafts to submit, please send them to the HPS Network's New York office.

We really do appreciate your help!!!

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