Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Congrads Puerto Rico!

Pictured above: Adam, a very cute baby, and Dr. Carmello Camona-Rivera from the NIH.

Congrads Puerto Rico!

I haven’t posted yet about the HPS Puerto Rico conference. I wasn’t there personally, and so I’ve been holding back waiting for more details. But, Dr. Carmelo Camona-Rivera, one of the researchers in Dr. Gahl’s lab, shared photos with us.

I’m giving the folks in Puerto Rico a little time to recover from the conference. I know when you’ve put on a conference, it drains you and you need a chance to catch up with your regular life.

The conference was a huge success! We enrolled 45 new HPS’ers on the patient registry – perhaps the most at one time ever. In addition, there were 73 HPS’ers in attendance that had been to one of our events before – and of course everyone’s family.

There was also a separate session for medical professionals and 45 attended.

The week also brought many outreach opportunities speaking at various clinics and hospitals. HPS also got a lot of coverage in the Puerto Rican media. Those are some of the details I’ll have to post later, along with more photos I hope – wink wink.

A big hat’s off to Richie, Ivette, Yeidyly, Manuel, Herman and Hilda who went early and scouted out places where we could do outreach. You all did such a fantastic job to make this event a success.

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