Sunday, August 30, 2009

An act of kindness

This afternoon I peeked out the window at my back porch. The back porch is usually a total disaster. It has ivy that grows everywhere at a rate you wouldn’t believe. Keeping it well trimmed is a big job, even for such a little patio – and I’m allergic to the ivy.

I used to tank up on Benedryl and just suck it up and cut it back, but these days even 10 minutes at the task not only starts to affect my breathing, but pretty much wipes me out for the day. I can keep up a few flower pots, but that’s the extent of my green thumb.

I’d asked the landlord to suggest someone to hire to cut it back. I’d put out a few feelers, but every plan for some help has fallen through.

Then today I looked out and little elves had come and cut back all the ivy, pulled out a particularly large and particularly sick bush – I could just cry.

I’ve felt like the neighbor that doesn’t mow their yard. The patio has been such a source of embarrassment. I’m so grateful to whomever has come along and helped me out.


Anonymous said...

I remember you telling a sunukar stirt a tear ir si agi, I think you have a secret friend that comes around at least once a year to take care of that ivy. You are a lucky lady. If you find out who it is, send him/her my way. My yards a mess too right now. :)Julie

Kathryn said...

It's so wonderful when the Lord uses others to bless us, isn't it? We feel like we are the ones who are blessed, but those who give are as well! Enjoy your backyard "make over". :)

Ana said...

Because good things come to those that do good...