Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More pics from the Kansas City Airline Museum

Note the leg room in this pic! Boy, those were the days of air travel! The pic didn't come out, but this plane also had bunks where one could sleep!!!! That's my biggest gripe about air travel now - it's so uncomfortable being crammed into a metal tube like a herd of cattle, legs pressed firmly into the seat in front of you until they ache. And there's always some short person in front of me who insists on reclining their seat the whole whopping two degrees it reclines, just so the back of their seat digs even further into my knees. I flew US Air to Washington for Ryan's wedding. Not only did they charge me $15 a bag (even though the price of fuel is down) but they wanted $2.50 for a soda on the plane. No service whatsoever!

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