Thursday, February 19, 2009

health update

Just a quickie update for my records mostly. Today the mouth sores didn't hurt as much. They didn't seem as "angry" as they have these past two days. I have no idea why, but I got to eat some chicken for dinner. Yeah! I'm already so sick of soup!

I had a minor breakout of hives this afternoon, but they went away rather quickly.

The frustration of the day was three code browns in the course of two hours. The sore under my stoma that was the size of a quarter isn't bleeding and is looking like it's healing over. I don't know what the problem is except that I've had the runs, and that seems to increase the number of code browns.

I was happily at Homers just blasting through HPS work and suddenly I had to race home to avoid disaster. At least I wasn't at the office waiting an hour for a cab!

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