Sunday, February 22, 2009

Find the Superman in you!

This is Mark, my new buddy. Mark was one of the bowlers at the NOAH Kansas City bowl-a-thon. I'm not going to post a ton of pics from the bowl-a-thon, but there's a few I love so much I don't think I can contain myself.

Mark doesn't have HPS, but rather has one of the other types of albinism. He's a smart little guy. He wore his Superman outfit to bowl because one of the local chicken places was offering free kids meals if you came in dressed as your favorite super hero.

Mark kept me on task at the bowling event. I can't resist a great opportunity to take pictures so you know how I am - running around with the camera - but good old Mark would say, "Heather - Heather, it's your turn!!!" Then, being a budding little sports commentator, he'd say, "Heather's working on a spare......"

And, since I'm working on conference materials, his picture is timed well for me. He he he....our theme for this year's conference is Superheroes - find the Superhero in you!

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