Monday, February 16, 2009

The Associate

The Associate

The Associate is a Woopi Goldberg film that came out in the 90s. It’s cute and something great to watch if you’re looking for something funny that doesn’t require too much in the way of actual brain cells. The story is about a talented investment banker (Whoopi) who just can’t seem to break through the glass ceiling. When her assistant gets promoted over her, it’s the last straw and she strikes out on her own to start her own business. The trouble is the good-old-boys club is just too strong on Wall Street, so she invents a business partner – a good-old-boy of her own – to break into the necessary circles to make the right deals. She’s very successful, but eventually the plan backfires.

I especially enjoyed the sections of the film where Whoopi was trying to start her own business. I feel like that a bit in a way – that to find a way to earn an income working on HPS is like starting a business. If only I were as good at it as she is.

This is not exactly a family night film. Depending on the rules of your own household, it might be okay for older teens. There is a scene at the beginning that does take place in a strip club. Whoopi is trying to strike a deal and gets dragged there by “the good old boys.” There’s a few other scenes where a ruthless person working for another company tries to seduce key players in rather uncomfortable looking underwear. But, it’s not as bad as many films out there.

It is available as an instant view on Netflix.

On the spoon meter, I give it three out of five spoons.

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