Friday, February 06, 2009

27 Dresses

I watched this romantic comedy back in December when I wasn’t feeling so great. It was the perfect movie to watch when you need a comical distraction from your not-so-comical life.

The story is about a woman named Jane who is not only a sort of perfect, type A personality, but she’s also the sort of person who puts everyone else’s needs above her own. That’s how she ends up being a bridesmaid 27 times. She’s got it down to an art form.

It’s during a particularly funny scene where Jane is a bridesmaid at two weddings on the same night – and goes back and forth between the two weddings all night – that she peeks the unwanted attention of a newspaper reporter.

And, of course, he’s suddenly interested in this professional bridesmaid at the worst possible time – when Jane is asked to be the maid of honor for her sister. The catch is her sister announces she’s engaged to the man Jane secretly has a crush on.

As for the family friendly issue – to be honest I don’t remember any sex or language issues – but then again it’s been a few months. It is a romantic comedy out of Hollywood, so there’s probably something in there someone would object to – but it wasn’t so bad that I remember thinking (note to self – never watch this with grandma.)

I thought it was really funny and the end is great!

I give it five spoons.

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