Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Webcast for the techies

I know there are many of you out there that are techie gadget nuts. I know because so frequently we're trading advice on the listserv about the mobile phone that's the easiest to read, or the computer that has the best built-in adaptive technology.

Well, I found a Webcast that just might interest the techie-gadget devoted. Apparently a partnership has been formed between the National Federation of the Blind and some other companies etc. to promote blind friendly consumer electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Webcast essentially is a recording of an interview about the project in a hotel room. I was sort of hoping for some footage from the show floor and some examples demonstrated for the camera. I'm guessing it was difficult to get the necessary permission for that.

But for those who are interested in things techie and blind friendly, you might enjoy hearing about the project.

Go to www.nfb.org - It's the Straight Talk about Blindess Webcast episode 23. Right now it's at the top of the Web page. I'd include the video clip here, but I couldn't download it.

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