Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ryan staring at his bride

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Dawn said...

The wedding of Ryan and Sara left me teary-eyed, too, but I tucked my soggy tissue in my purse! In the beginning of the ceremony the minister said, "Why should this couple want to get married in a church and not just someone's house? Then he pointed to that beautiful cross on the altar and said, "Because they know that the vow they make today is not just between themselves but the God who made them." And it was fitting for them to kneel at the foot of that cross and give thanks for the God Who saved them and brought them together. The ceremony could not have been lovelier! I also LOVED the prayers their friends offered up before the service concluded with all of us saying "Amen," after each one. I was especially moved by the prayer that said, "Let those who have attended this wedding today remember to live out their own vows with grace." There were spoken "Kodak" moments like that and I have been pondering them this week. It was such a blessing to be with so many in the HPS community who helped us over the health hurdles of the past two years. It was good to see everyone and thank them in person. Kathryn and I had a lot to talk about on the way home...pure joy!