Monday, January 26, 2009

Celebrate National Blood Donation Month

I’ve been meaning to put this up and just haven’t gotten to it. January is almost over, but it was National Donate Blood Month. It’s never too late to celebrate if you’re in the mood. Every day is a good day to donate blood if you’re able.

I would not be here today were it not for all the good people in the world who show up regularly to donate blood. When I had my bowel surgery in 1993 I required more units of blood than I can remember. I’ve also required platelet transfusions at least four times in my life so far – and it’s likely to happen again.

At any time those of us with HPS could find ourselves in need of a surgery or in a trauma that, thanks to our likelihood to bleed, would require the use of blood products.

Thus, I’d just like to put a face to the need. I’m one of the millions that is alive today thanks to blood donation.

Every day in our country 39,000 units of blood, on average, are used to treat cancer patients, transplant recipients or trauma injured patients. During certain times of the year, like the winter months or the holidays, blood banks find it especially hard to find enough donors.

We appreciate all of you who do your part to help us.

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