Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a little bacteria

Some of you have been e-mailing and calling wanting the rest of the story on my skin infection and the biopsies taken by the dermatologist.

Well, leave it to me to throw everyone a monkey wrench.

It turns out I contracted a bacteria that is a bit unusual (so I’m told) but typically transmitted in hospital settings such as an infected central line or I.V. Since I’m in the hospital at least three times a year, and spend a lot of time with other people that are often in the hospital, this isn’t a big shocker. Instead, I’m looking at it as another “educational moment” in my life.

I am now officially a germaphobe and will be carrying Purell at all times.

The bacterium is Spingomonas Paucimobilis. I’m sure I didn’t get it when I had the IVs for my IUD thing last April because I’ve had this infection longer than that.

The good news it is treatable and doesn’t cause too many nasty problems other than the ones I’ve already experienced – although that was a bit more problematic thanks to my bleeding issues.

So, I’m now on antibiotics and we’ll see what happens next.

A little trivia note from my own research – a high school student in Canada won a national science award for his project with this bacterium. He got it to decompose 40 percent of a plastic trash bag in three months. Glad my boobs aren’t plastic! HA!

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Sandy said...

Glad you finally got to the bottom of that problem!! I hope the antibiotics knock it out. Your final paragraph had me laughing out loud!!